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5 Mistakes Life Sciences Professionals Make During Their Job Search

Publish Date: 10-08-2017
Country: The Netherlands

5 Mistakes Life Sciences Professionals Make During Their Job Search

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Are you struggling to find job opportunities? Are you having trouble finding the right path for your career? Are there times at which your efforts for getting the job you like seem pointless? If these issues sound familiar, chances are you’re making one of the following common job searching mistakes:


1. Lack of interaction with persons

Posting your resume on online job boards is essential. However, there are some additional ways of succeeding in landing the job you like. One of them is interacting with persons directly. By establishing phone contact with your potential future employer, you show courage in the sense that you are not afraid to put yourself out there. A conversation over the phone says much more than a simple e-mail would.


2. Your online networking is not that effective

The internet provides excellent opportunities for your job-searching endeavors. Social media platforms like Linkedin present you with endless opportunities for building your own online network. Have you already joined our groups on Linkedin? If not, we would highly recommend you do so, since these groups will put you into contact with a lot of professionals in the Life Sciences industry.

Additionally, by uploading your resume and contact details, you connect yourself with thousands of employers online immediately. You can also sign up for weekly newsletter, in which you will find the latest jobs and information about life sciences events. 


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3. Your offline networking is not that effective

Much like your online network, your personal (offline) network provides you with career opportunities too. First you have friends and colleagues who might be able to arrange job opportunities for you. In case this doesn’t work, remember that your friends and colleagues also have their own personal connections which relate to different companies and job positions. The ones that are close to you could greatly help you in finding a job suitable for you.


4. You are not attending events yet

Events provide great opportunities for establishing connections. At an event. your first interaction with a potential employer will be in person, which gives you a nice head start into building a professional relationship. There are many Life Sciences events coming up this year, of which all provide interesting openings for your professional career.

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5. You don’t have a structured plan for applying

Now that you have decided on what you want to improve, be it your network, event attendance or personal contact, it’s time to create a structured plan to ensure that you implement these changes effectively. You can easily do this by creating an agenda in which you carefully plan each activity on a routine basis. For example, you are going to try and attend at least one event per month. Or let’s say, that you are going to try and increase your LinkedIn connections with a certain amount before the end of each week.




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