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Life Sciences Advice - 5 Tips To Balancing Work and Family

Publish Date: 21-09-2017
Country: The Netherlands

Life Sciences Advice - 5 Tips To Balancing Work and Family

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After finishing your long studies it’s time to get to work. But by the time you finished your education in a field of Life Sciences you are a young adult. And as young adults usually do, they want to start a family. This is, of course, a wonderful thing, but many professionals in Life Sciences experience difficulties combining their career with a healthy family life. 

In this blog we will share 5 tips to help you have a happy family life and grow your career at the same time. 


1. Stop feeling guilty

This is the most common feeling people have when they see that there career activities might have a negative influence on their family life. It’s easy to say that you shouldn’t feel guilty but we understand how difficult this can be for people. The message we would like to give in this is that you should rest easy in the fact that your children will be able to learn very strong social skills when their parents aren’t always around. 

An important thing to keep in mind is that you never have to defend the fact that you work on your career and have children at the same time. Dare to admit it when you miss your family because transparency will be respected by your peers.


2. Streamline your household

The best way to make the most out of your time with family is to get rid of all miscellaneous chores as quick as possible. Think: cooking, cleaning, ironing etc. You can achieve this by setting out clear goals and tasks with your partner. Make sure that you prioritise these goals. It’s one thing to do things right but that amounts to nothing if you’re not doing the right things.

Also, consider getting assistance from someone who works in domestic help, if your budget can handle that. Additionally, a real time saver can be found in cooking, instead of making a meal for each day, try making a bigger meal that you can save and use for another day. Cooking meals the night before is also a good way to speed up your household workflow.


3. Correct time management

A lot of people who are balancing their work and family often waste too much time in saying that they don’t have time available. Instead of focusing on the lack of time, focus on the things you have time for. 

Recommended is a time audit, look exactly what activities at work take up your time and how important these activities are. Examine your results, look for activities that could be done shorter or at a better time of the day. Every Life Sciences specialist has some core-activities that needs to be done everyday. Make sure you save at least 3 hours per day for these core-activities, finishing this work in a timely fashion will help you feel good about yourself and this will result in a better mood when you arrive back at home after work.   


4. Separate work and family

It’s a difficult thing to request from a person, to shut off their “working-mode” and not think about work when they are with family. It helps when you realise that your work will not be done efficiently while you are with family and your family will notice the lack of attention they are receiving because your head is with your work. There is a lot of technology that will keep you engaged with your work when you’re at home (think mobile devices, computers etc.). It might seem like a quick action when you look at your work e-mail but it has more influence than that. You can appear absent-minded to  your family because the e-mail you just read has some important information for you or it contained the notice of a lot of work to come.  


5. Be happy with yourself

There is no such thing as the perfect family-man/woman. When you come to terms with this you will start to feel better. The one thing you can keep improving on is how organised your life is. Never forget to pat yourself and your partner on the back and remember to enjoy your family as well as your work. 




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