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Life Sciences Advice - How to get noticed as a professional

Publish Date: 24-07-2017
Country: The Netherlands

Life Sciences Advice - How to get noticed as a professional

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Are you looking to advance within a company or for that new challenge to boost your career? Whatever the reasons you have, you will need to be noticed by the right people around you. Be it your current employer or new opportunities elsewhere. In the following article we will tell you the key-points to get noticed by the people that matter in your professional environment.   

Requirements versus aptitude

Lots of jobs come with an amount of deliverables that the employee has to complete in order to fulfil his or her function in the company. A lot of people just finish these deliverables and figure they are doing enough. The fact is that you will need to do more than what is asked of you to be noticed. People are interested in employees that want to add more to the company. Think about taking initiatives at work. Which projects have been laying around just waiting for the right person to pick it up? Is there something you could do for your fellow workers? Your job title should be the platform from which you take on new challenges instead of being the description for your current activities. 


Your qualities should be visible

The first step to being found by potential employers is being good at your work. This is why we will always recommend that you document your work and what you deliver to the company. Not only is it useful for your own administration but it also helps when you want to apply for a raise. Your qualities aren’t just what you deliver related to your profession. It is also who you are as a person. Examples of visible qualities are always arriving on time and staying at the office later than requested. The same can be said for generosity, see if there are some charities your company is involved in and participate in contributing to this good cause actively.


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Making the connection

Your whole environment is deeply immersed into the digital age so you should be too. Make sure that you have a professional LinkedIn account (for our German visitors we also recommend Xing) because these are the sites that people use to find employees like yourself. Join professional groups and see how you can contribute to these groups. Creating digital content is a great way to find the right people for you.

It is always useful to be actively networking, even if you don’t need a job right now. It is got to be known for future goals by the people where it counts.  

Effective networking is not just done online only but still through the more traditional ways. Face-to-face meetings will always be the best way to show people who you are and what you could do for them. There are a lot of events in Life Sciences, this varies from conferences, congresses, workshops, industry forums, symposia and many more. We highly recommend that you visit these events at the very least twice a year. Curious to see what places there are for you to go? Visit our events page!.




Make sure they can contact you

All this hard work of yours turns out to be fruitless if people can’t find the information to get in contact with you. Make sure your digital profile involves your e-mail address and if possible a telephone number. There will be people who contact you with new job opportunities. This is nice to receive but it’s not nice when the e-mail address they use is owned by the company that you are currently employed at. Make sure your contact e-mail address is personal. 

Do you have some interesting advice about promoting yourself as a professional? Share it with us on our LinkedIn pages, we would love to hear from you! 

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