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Life Sciences Advice - Take control over your own career

Publish Date: 11-07-2017
Country: The Netherlands

Life Sciences Advice - Take control over your own career

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Are you ambitious and do you have the feeling that you should change the direction of your career path to continue your development?  The following blog will provide you with the fundamentals on how you can take control over your own career path.

Start by identifying the reason why you want to change, what is it that makes you feel dissatisfied about your job? Don’t jump to conclusions because everybody has off-days. Also try to think about what needs to be changed in your next opportunity. It might feel as a big step, and you are going to be challenged out of your comfort zone. Therefore try to make it easier for yourself by keeping the following in mind.



After taking the decision that it’s time to move forward, you should start looking at your interests. What do you like to do in your current job? What would you like to learn or develop even further?  This could be because your CV is lacking certain qualities you need to achieve what you planned to do in the future or because a certain aspect of your job is what you enjoy and really like to spend your time doing.


Strong characteristics

Another point to keep in mind is that you should look for something that you are good at. Focus on the skills you have. If your strong points are well-matched to your job you are likely to be happy and successful. An easy way to figure out where your affinity lies is to ask yourself the question: "What work would I do for free." This way you quickly recognize the type of work you want to focus on. We are not saying you should work for free, it's your right to have a well-paying job!


Let the employers look for you!

You would be amazed if you knew how much time and effort companies put in finding you. They use all different kinds of digital media and so should you. Signing up for newsletters and leaving your résumé at job boards is a good way to connect to these potential employers. Register your résumé on our board and receive the latest available job opportunities in your inbox every Monday!


Upload your CV



Social media is a lot about self-promotion and LinkedIn isn't any different. The big difference between LinkedIn and other sites is that you need to be as professional as possible when promoting yourself on this platform. We wrote an extensive article on how your LinkedIn account could help you get noticed by companies in Life Sciences.


Create a career plan

If you have decided to make the switch to a new career then it's crucial you have a decent plan to see where this change will take you. For instance, you want to make a switch to clinical research associate. The next step would be a clinical research coordinator, is that a job you would also like? You should be able to make a route of where your career is headed. This route should be pointed out by naming potential milestones. Each of these milestones should be an exciting new step in your life. On average there are 4 steps you can grow in a specific career.


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