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Working Abroad - The Benefits & Challenges

Publish Date: 08-03-2018
Country: The Netherlands

Working Abroad - The Benefits & Challenges

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Especially in the Life Sciences industry professionals are willing to travel or to move for their job. With a widespread growth of the population the demand for Life Sciences solutions is growing rapidly all over the world. Being active in this industry, it means that the job opportunities are crossing borders. This blog will highlight the benefits and challenges that will come across your path, accepting such a challenge.



  • You will be expanding your horizon and network. It gives you the chance to meet new people in your specialised area. This also gives you the chance to see things from a totally different perspective. Adapting to a new culture can be really inspiring!
  • Working abroad most of the time means an opportunity to learn a foreign language. You will become more valuable as a candidate to other employees. And you assure yourself of a career path full of opportunities. It’s wise to do your research first and look for opportunities where this skill will be in demand.
  • Many positions, which include experience abroad as a requirement, are temporary jobs. In this case most of the time the employer will take good care of most things. Housing and travelling expenses will be covered and you can even be employed as an expat. Therefore you won’t have to settle. For most Western employees this will be beneficial as they will get paid in their own currency with in ratio a lower cost of living.



  • The biggest challenge of working abroad is to adjust to a new culture. Change is never easy. Culture differences are hard to get your finger on because most of it happens without consciousness of it. Therefore this challenge can only be prevented by preparation. What can you expect, what are the differences with respect to ‘working’ and ‘living’ as well.
  • Then there is the challenge of not getting isolated. Especially when you are about to take this step without any family members. It could be really stressful without them. As a result many expats tend to look for other professionals that speak the same language. The potential disadvantage of this is that you won’t be spending time with the local community, which leads you to grow further apart from their way of living. And you will be struggling to adjust to it.
  • The costs of moving abroad can be high. Not only the costs that are involved getting settled, but also the costs of getting rid of property and assets in the country you currently live in. Or any other unforeseen issues.
  • The thought of working abroad is exciting to many people, however as you see there is a lot to consider. Therefore be prepared and know what to expect when taking such a decision. If you are able to overcome these challenges, you will succeed and add an interesting path to your career. 




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