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Luminex BV

Country: The Netherlands
Address: Het Zuiderkruis 1
5215MV 's-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands
Email: kbrok@luminexcorp.com
Phone: 0738001900

Luminex BV

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Luminex is a team of individuals committed to making a difference in our world, both professionally and personally. Within Luminex you will find engineers, chemists, marketers and physicists, but we are also musicians, artists, chefs, athletes and philanthropists. We want to ensure that your Luminex experience is more than just a job, but an opportunity to realize your core values and make a difference in the world. Why Work at Luminex Our employees know Luminex is a purpose-based organization where every day we work to enhance the health, safety and quality of life for all. We know working here means improving patient lives as well as enhancing our own. Embracing our vision is only one reason to work here, there are many more: We Empower Our Employees We strive to have a work environment that is an innovation engine in which people feel empowered to collaborate, think, act and solve problems in new and different ways. In 2014, we established Women@Luminex, a group of employees committed to the empowerment of women at work. In addition to a variety of activities, Women@Luminex has implemented a Mentorship program for our employees. We Have Fun From our celebration of Pi (3.14) Day with a pie eating contest to annual Halloween costume contests to holiday parties and picnics to after work happy hour events, Luminex employees know how to have fun! We Make a Difference Our employees participate in a number of volunteer activities. We even have an internal Community Involvement committee that helps us make determinations on the organizations and causes with which we align.


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Mondriaan Tower
Amstelplein 52, 25th floor
1096 BC Amsterdam
+31 (0) 20 658 9800


Science 14 Atrium
14b, Rue de la Science
1040 Bruxelles
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Fünf Höfe
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80333 München
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The Netherlands

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3752 BK Utrecht
+31 (0)85 044 4610

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The Netherlands

Groot Handelsgebouw
Stationsplein 45, Unit A4.004
3013 AK Rotterdam
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