Why SIRE Life Sciences®?

SIRE Life Sciences® is a Recruitment & Executive Search company dedicated exclusively to the life sciences industry. SIRE Life Sciences® provides services to both life science professionals and life science employers operating in the global life science sector. SIRE Life Sciences® offers a tailor made global-wide service for Vacancy Posting, CV-Database, Employer Branding, Permanent and Contract solutions, specialized in delivering into the world's leading life science institutions. SIRE Life Sciences® operates in a variety of life science branches, including, Pharmaceuticals, Clinical Research, Medical Devices, Biotechnology, Food & Beverage, Agriculture, Chemicals and Healthcare.

Recruitment Science

SIRE Life Sciences® is the market leader in life science recruitment. It is our firm belief that the recruitment market needs to keep up in the current growth of technology and continuing innovation. In a market driven by science, our love for technology is well placed. We drive Recruitment Science©.

SIRE Life Sciences® invests the majority of turnover in technology, which enables the use of unique resource technology. By using highly advanced algorithms, we enable our team of Resource & Data Strategists© to maintain the most advanced and detailed life science network in all of Europe.

Thanks to our big data intensive network, SIRE Life Sciences® works Reverse Recruitment© to analyze the market on an in-depth level before entering it. This allows us to compare facts and data, enabling our Facts & Big Data Recruitment© to make sure our clients always get the right professional.

Top Sectors

The Dutch Government has allocated several business sectors as Top Sectors. Top Sectors are acknowledged areas in which Dutch business, universities and research centers excel worldwide. In other words, sectors the Netherlands are famous for. The United Nations and the European Union officially recognizes Top Sectors.

SIRE Life Sciences® is proud to operate in several of these Top Sectors including Life Sciences, Health and Agriculture & Food.

The European Specialist

SIRE Life Sciences® has highly skilled teams of Recruitment, Executive Search & Staffing Issues Specialists to provide high premium, tailored life sciences recruitment solutions and advice on staffing issues. Particularly focussed on executive search and retention within the European life sciences sector. Our highly skilled Recruitment Strategist© have:

  • Specialised Market Knowledge
  • Specialised Technical Knowledge
  • Specific Regional Knowledge



SIRE Life Sciences® believes in SINCERITY, our work is carried out in a responsible, honest and transparent way, both internally and externally.

SIRE Life Sciences® drives its business with INTELLIGENCE, we use the latest technologies, skills and continuously research and develop new ways to improve our way of working together with clients and colleagues, creating the best possible environment for each of our stakeholders.

SIRE Life Sciences® strives resiliently to get the best possible RESULT for both candidates and clients, always.

SIRE Life Sciences® strives for EXCELLENCE, in everything we do; quality is one of our main driving forces.


In the summer of 2012 Jan-Willem Broekhoven and Jordy Stravers wanted to approach the recruitment industry from a new angle. From their modest office on the Keizersgracht, they worked day and night to map the market with key players in the Life Sciences Industry.

SIRE Life Sciences® is named after the values it strives for; royal, king and majesty. The same way we serve our valued customers. From the very beginning, SIRE Life Sciences® aimed to be a unique company compared to the many traditional recruiters, a company that doesn't just revolve around the placement of candidates, but also approaches the market in an efficient and technological manner.