Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I apply without any Life Science experience at SIRE Life Sciences®?

Yes! Our intensive training program will help you to gain knowledge about the Life Science Industry and obtain the sector specific recruitment skills the job requires. No pre-knowledge or education about the Life Science industry is needed.

Can I apply without any recruitment experience at SIRE Life Sciences®?

Yes! We offer a traineeship that includes an intensive internal and external on-the-job training program developed by the recruitment experts in the field to get you up and running and make you feel at home in recruitment.

Can I apply without any work experience?

Yes! The intensive on-the-job to training program will provide starters without any work experience a good foundation to build their career on and learn the soft and hard skills to execute this job successfully. Applicants with recruitment experience can join our fast- track program to kick-start their career within SIRE Life Sciences®.

Do I need to build a market-up or will I work with existing clients?

Both. As market leader within the Life Sciences we developed existing and key clients. As we are a fast growing company you will be involved in new business development and maintaining relationships with existing partners.

Do you offer international opportunities?

Yes. SIRE Life Sciences® goal is to deliver services across the life sciences industry everywhere in the world. To reach our goal we are constantly recruiting well educated, highly motivated, ambitious and loyal employees with different cultural backgrounds. In the last 4 years we expanded our market share in the DACH region and planning to open offices on a global level in the near future. SIRE Life Sciences® currently offers international opportunities for new country set-ups.

How can I make promotion and career progression?

Our company is a meritocracy, which means that we grow from within where employees are being judged based on their performance and consequently get the best opportunities in the form of a uncapped competitive variable commission scheme. This is why we invest so heavily in our training program as our current trainees are the directors of tomorrow!

How can I prepare for my interviews?

Please study the link below for interview tips and tricks.

How does the interview process go when I get invited?

The first interview will be about your motivation, ambition, discipline and loyalty, but most of all you will be tested how success driven and commercial you are. After the first interview you will have the opportunity to talk to recruiters on the sales floor to experience firsthand what you would do as a trainee recruitment strategist©. The second interview will go deeper into the role and the day-to-day work.

Is this an HR Job?

No, this is most definitely a sales job. HR is mainly focussed on internal processes like salaries, retirement issues and so on. Recruitment is all about selling the company an attracting new talent.

What are the minimum requirements in order to apply?

  • Bachelor or Master degree
  • Living in Amsterdam or willing to relocate to Amsterdam
  • Valid driving license (B)
  • 0 – 3 years’ work experience
  • Fluent in English and Dutch or German

What is the culture at SIRE Life Sciences®?

SIRE Life Sciences® is a success, career and target driven commercial organization. We have an international team of highly motivated, ambitious and competitive professionals who want to grow as an individual and aim to help the organization to be more successful every day. We have a strong and positive internal culture that naturally discourages internal politics. Within our company there is no 9 to 5 mentality, but make the impossible, possible mentality. In addition, at SIRE Life Sciences everybody gets the same chances. This level playing field enables everybody to be successful and pursue their career!

What kind of training does SIRE Life Sciences® provide?

We have an intensive internal and external training program to provide you the skills the job requires. The training program involves a 2 month intensive training period followed by a 4 month training program, in total 6 months. After the 6 months we have an external on-the-job trainer and a coach to help you make the most out of your career and develop on a personal and professional level.

What market or sector will I work in when I apply?

This depends on the market, according business opportunities available and your personal and educational background. But in the end, everybody will find his or her spot within SIRE Life Sciences®.

What personal skills are required for this role?

We are looking for career driven young professionals who are ambitious, persistent and result-driven, but most of all have the passion, ambition and dedication to be successful every day. You need to have a commercial drive, get motivated by ‘making the impossible possible’ and an eagerness to prove yourself within a young and international growing company.

Why should I apply?

Are you ambitious, highly motivated, commercial and do you meet the requirements below? Please contact our Talent Acquisition Specialist team on: +31206589806 and send your resume to

Why work with SIRE Life Sciences®?

We are the fastest growing recruitment agency within the Life Sciences sector and currently Market leader in the Benelux. Currently, we are also on a fast track to become market leader in the DACH region as well. Within SIRE Life Sciences® we have the best career possibilities and rewards within the industry. We have developed an intensive training program to help you accelerate your career.

SIRE Life sciences® was nominated by our employees as a great place to work in 2016. A few things which were mentioned by our colleagues what makes SIRE Life Sciences® a great place to work:

  • Groundbreaking promotion scheme
  • Great salary package, secondary & tertiary benefits
  • Trips to Las Vegas, New York e.g. as a part of our incentives
  • Strong and positive internal culture
  • Fast growing, energetic, diverse & international working environment in a state-of-the-art office in the city center Amsterdam
  • Working in a technology driven & industry disruptive company
  • Nominated for many awards such as “Great Place To Work” and being awarded “Best Workplaces 2016’’
  • Excellent and equal career growth opportunities
  • Intensive Training & Development


SIRE Life Sciences® is the market leader in life science recruitment. We believe the recruitment market needs to gear up in technology and continuous innovation. We like technology, in a life science market driven on science, we couldn’t stay behind; we drive Recruitment Science.

Investing a majority of our turnover in technology enables us to use unique Resource Technologies. By using highly advanced algorithms, we enable our team of Resource & Data Strategists© to maintain the most advanced, detailed and complete Life Sciences network in Europe.

This big data enables us to work Reverse Recruitment©: we first analyse the market in-depth before we go out to the market. Because we analyse the whole market, we can compare facts and data. This enables us to do Facts & Big Data Recruitment©, making sure we, or better yet, you hire the right people.

So feel free to apply. We’re happy to share thoughts with you so you get a personal understanding of SIRE Life Sciences® the company.